Kansas Senate Considers #CINC Bills on General Orders

‪#‎KSLegislature‬: Kansas Senate considers ‪#‎CINC‬ bills on General Orders today (Feb 26):
‪#‎SB157‬: CINC; providing that the child in need of care code does not permit any person to compel a parent to medicate a child if the parent is acting in accordance with medical advice from a physician.
‪#‎SB159‬: Children; Requiring a law enforcement officer to take a child into custody when the officer reasonably believes that there is a drug crime occurring in the child’s residence that threatens the safety of the child

In addition, the Kansas Senate will also consider a bill ‪#‎SB197‬ requiring that any deliberations about who it will recommend as a Supreme Court Justice to the governor be open and public (as opposed to the totally secretive and hidden from public-eyes selection process used by Governor Brownback when he selects judges under the non-merit selection process)