Kansas Senate Committee of the Whole recommends passing UIFSA 2008

The Kansas Senate Committee of the Whole today considered — and passed out for final consideration — UIFSA 2008. There was no discussion, objection, or apparent negative vote by anyone in the chamber today after the bill was taken off the Senate Consent Calendar about three weeks ago. The bill was also temporarily side-tracked two weeks ago when the Legislative “turn-around” deadline loomed, forcing the bill to be removed from the debate calendar (General Orders) and assigned to the Senate Appropriations Committee (a committee exempt from the drop dead deadline). Yesterday, the bill was withdrawn from Appropriations and assigned back to the General Orders at the top of the calendar. Senate Judiciary Committee Chair Jeff King carried the bill on the Senate Floor in the Senate Committee of the Whole, but did not have to answer any questions. I expect the bill will be up for final vote in the Senate tomorrow. After that, the bill will go over to the Kansas House, where it will probably be assigned to the House Judiciary Committee.