Current Status of Kansas Family Law Legislation

The following family law related bills are now pending in the 2012 Kansas Legislature. Status as of March 30, 2012:

HB2741, relating to cleanup changes to the Kansas Family Law Code (sponsored by the Kansas Judicial Council)(in House-Senate Conference Committee 2012-Apr-30)

, relating to Certified Batterer Intervention Program Act, Domestic relations case managers, professional and educational requirements, continuing education (in House-Senate Conference Committee 2012-Apr-30)

, relating to protection from abuse, providing for extension of protection orders for up to life. (The Senate passed the Conference Committee Amendments on March 30, 2012, 40-0)

The Conference Committee Amendments are  here
The Conference Committee Report is here

HB2740, would impose licensing and other requirements on domestic relations case managers (amended into SB304, Batterers Intervention Program Act)

HB2736, relating to stalking, requirements when defendant is under 14 years of age (dead)

HB2252, relating to name-change in Kansas for persons divorced outside Kansas (dead)

SubSB397, changing terminology used in Kansas statutes from “mental retardation” and similar terms to “intellectual disability” and similar terms. (Signed into law by Governor Brownback on April 6, 2012)(Effective July 1, 2012)

SB262, which mandates consideration of grandparent custody when a child is removed from the child’s parents’ home(s). (Conference Committee version, passed House 120-0)

SB292, which proposes to automatically revoke an ex-spouse’s inheritance rights upon divorce (except for federally protected ERISA rights, which pre-empt state actions regarding beneficiary provisions) (passed Senate, in House Committee)(dead)

SB297, which removes from “separate property” listing “gifts given by a spouse.” (passed Senate, in House Committee)(dead)