Weekly Twitter Update 2015–May–24

  1. : Court of Appeals July 2015 Argument Docket is posted:

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    Why do we do this? Why do we pass bad bills and then say we can fix them later? What is wrong with people?

  3. So, if this bill passes, a drug-addicted parent can give their child to a sex trafficker for a “fix”, and face no legal consequences.

  4. Now on to CCR for SB 113. This bill allows parents to dump their children with strangers for up to a year with no penalty. (really)

  5. : Proposed 2016 Revisions to the Kansas Guidelines released for public comment:

  6. Kansas governor signed () into law, becomes effective July 1, 2015: |

  7. : Courts Administrator Mike McClain is retiring this month, replacement is Katherine Stocks beginning May 26, 2015

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    Kansas: upcoming floor vote calls for judiciary’s budget to be eliminated if courts rule against 2014 law  View summary

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    House makes offer to accept nonseverability clause if provision is inserted that keeps funding level static. Agree my is reached.

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    Bills introduced anonymously are always bad, period.

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    Senate now discussing SB 57. Senate would like to pass it out this year but not enough shells. KBA opposed SB 57.

  12. bill threatens to cut-off funding if Cours don’t make rulings desired by governor & majority

  13. : One Kansas Appeals Decision was issued last Friday (2015-May-13): #112363

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    CCR for S Sub Sub HB 2170: seclusion and restraint passes 111-1 on Final Action. I voted YES.

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    HB 2170 on emergency safety interventions approved 111-1. goes to governor

  16. There are 3 CCRs (non-amendable bills) on my desk, one of which appears to be the Uber “fixer” bill.

  17. : Karen Arnold-Burger assigned to hear 2 cases with Kansas Supreme Court on May 21, 2015

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    Conf Comm on judicial branch budget at 2:45.