Weekly Twitter Update 2015–July–12

: Proposed Amended Rules 106, 108 re disclosure, reproduction & destruction of certain marriage records  bit.ly/1HTqzxR

Nebraska Judicial Ethics Committee issues opinion stating judges cannot refuse to perform same-sex marriages 1.usa.gov/1JZ8a1T

Center for Judicial Ethics:  issues advisory opinion on same-sex marriages ow.ly/PoMTW

: No   Appeals decisions were issued today (2015-July-10): bit.ly/1HkKjs0

Judge Crabtree calls for response to  motion to dismiss marriage case, due 7/16. @aclukansas @KansasEquality pic.twitter.com/CBUUI6lppZ

: Retired  Judge Tatum receives Community Outreach and Education Award from Kansas District Judges Assn bit.ly/1NTRGsI

Gov’s office and opponents tussle over language of religious freedom order and its impact kansas.com/news/politics-… 

: The party seeking downward  adjustment bears the burden of proof on child’s best interests: 1.usa.gov/1dPaFIu

Gov’s office promises controversial executive order on religious freedom doesn’t extend to counties/cities kansas.com/news/politics-… 

: Trial court has broad discretion to exclude the testimony of minor children in parenting time dispute 1.usa.gov/1INebjI

: It is inevitable that a judge in small town will know party to divorce; that alone doesn’t require recusal 1.usa.gov/1INebjI

The governor’s office now saying his order does not apply to local government, but only units of govt. over which he has authority 

Governor’s spokeswoman says executive order does not apply to local governments. bit.ly/1CrWiG2 

 now allowing joint tax returns for same-sex couples.  on LJWorld.com www2.ljworld.com/news/2015/jul/…

“District court judge in Kansas threatens to challenge state’s court funding bill”  on LJWorld.com www2.ljworld.com/news/2015/jul/…

: Although trial court failed to make specific findings, record supported its award of alimony bit.ly/1HmkhBW

: Simply reciting the court’s decision without supporting findings does not fulfill the court’s mandate bit.ly/1HmkhBW

Managing Anger Styles to Build Healthier Relationships psychcentral.com/blog/archives/…

State of Kansas in court filing today says gay couples can now file joint state tax returns  pic.twitter.com/xNUWPVlCaS

.@BexarGOP well done on the new HQ!  @JusticeLehrmann & I can’t wait to use it next cycle!   pic.twitter.com/z866RpGEpz

KS says in court filing that it’s now accepting joint tax returns from same-sex couples. No prior announcement  pic.twitter.com/E0WMhVktip

Inbox: Full @KansasEquality statement on Brownback order. Excerpt below  pic.twitter.com/gbm5HrQM7J

Brownback may have overstepped his legal authority in EO protecting potential discriminatory actions: bit.ly/1HQ9I0A

International Family Law in Flyover Land bit.ly/1HQ7fTO by @nancyzberg

Pending lawsuits still seeking full recognition for  in Kansas bit.ly/1LU9CF2

Kansas Chamber of Commerce warns against additional legislation to Brownback EO that would encourage discrimination bit.ly/1gpgGxB

As Gov. Sam Brownback signals intolerance his marriage directive, Gov. Jay Nixon promotes equality: bit.ly/1gpgbDt

Gov. Brownback’s overt disrespect for gay Kansans reflects badly on his office & state. @KCStar editorial kansascity.com/opinion/editor… 

Kansas Recognizes Equal Marriage  buzzfeed.com/dominicholden/…

Understanding The Avoidant Personality: 6 Ways to Cope blogs.psychcentral.com/caregivers/201…

Human Resources extends benefits to same-sex partners and families@Chandler_Boese bit.ly/1G7hYC5

Kansas governor issues Executive order saying state can’t punish religious groups over equal marriage objections wapo.st/1HMK0tZ

Sutton “unnecessarily forced [] to take this case. In doing so, [he] harmed the Court as an institution.” bit.ly/1KSGzAW

.@uniformlaws Annual will consider Act on Recognition and Enforcement of Canadian Domestic Violence Protection Orders bit.ly/106WJyi

 Governor and  Governor issue different orders on ; one ahead of history, the other behind bit.ly/1S7vRHo

 SCt, Hughes “troubled” by ss couple adopting child of same sex. full opinion here: bit.ly/1HM0TDd pic.twitter.com/quzg6plBEu

Some see Brownback’s response to same-sex marriage as similar to George Wallace’s response to Civil Rights kansas.com/news/politics-…

Kansas Recognizes Same-Sex Marriages — But Not Same-Sex Tax Filings flip.it/eKcMK

New memo on why Alabama marriage license office closures are a problem: bit.ly/1glVetc   

Brownback’s executive order is more than just symbolic. Here’s a write-up on the practical impact kansas.com/news/politics-… 

This is the real kicker in the Brownback executive order. pic.twitter.com/sp2Cx3UoFx

Baylor University sexual conduct policy no longer specifically targets ‘homosexual acts’: apne.ws/1UxMVua

Brownback religious freedom order doesn’t just have to do with wedding services kansas.com/news/politics-… 

TX AG opines that country clerks and judges can refuse marriage licenses based on their claimed religious beliefs bit.ly/1HL3cbo

Updated: Brownback order shield religious orgs that contract w/ state for adoption services kansas.com/news/politics-… 

Brownback issues executive order seeking to encourage resistance to equal marriage (quoting @RonaldWNelson): bit.ly/1HKYLgR

Jay Nixon congratulates same-sex couples; Sam Brownback regards them as a threat, from @bshelly kansascity.com/opinion/opn-co…  

Pointed out by ACLU: Brownback order only protects orgs OPPOSED to same-sex marriage. No protection for those in support 

A tale of two governors pic.twitpic.twitter.com/MniPwzQqaf

2 governors–2 opposite orders: Nixon orders  Agencies implement equal marriage Brownback orders massive resistence bit.ly/1fliPtN

Latest News: Missouri Gov. Jay Nixon orders agencies to implement same-sex marriage ruling: KANSAS CITY, Mo. … tinyurl.com/q9gb4vx

Kansas governor issues “Executive Order” to “protect” the freedom of clergy to refuse to perform same-sex marriages 1.usa.gov/1HbWpRq

: Deborah Mitchell appointed to  District Court vacancy replacing  bit.ly/1KKNnSK

Kansas opens state workers’ health plan to same-sex spouses bit.ly/1KKN5Lu

7th Circuit criticizes lawyer for raising too many issues on appeal bit.ly/1MaZntO

: Supreme Court releases its 2016 Session Schedule: bit.ly/1JLGSPg

 Court Clerk authorized to close office to public at 4PM daily: bit.ly/1HaqSPX

: Court of Appeals will hear appellate arguments at  July 14-15, 2015: bit.ly/1HaqqRE

Supreme Court’s equal marriage ruling will allow parental equality dispatch.com/content/storie…

Conservative Lawyers Prepare to Defend Opponents of Equal Marriage texastribune.org/2015/07/05/cou…