Weekly Twitter Update 2015–January–11

Ex-wife of oil tycoon ACCEPTS $1billion cheque ending bitter divorce battle after first rejecting it days ago

Judge Higginbotham: “Those words, ‘Will Mississippi change its mind?’ have resonated in these halls before.”

posts audio of today’s three same-sex marriage appeal arguments: via

Treating the emotional wounds from both your marriage and your is not an easy or a quick process.

Tennessee Supreme Court expands grandparents’ visitation rights

: Trial court did not err ordering that 17-year-old cancer patient cannot refuse chemotherapy

Is It Child Abuse to Make a Trans Child ‘Change’?

: No Kansas appeals decisions were issued today (2015-Jan-9):

Though SCOTUS will 1st consider same-sex marriage petitions tomorrow, it probably will be another week before review is granted.

: Decision whether divorce assets are marital or separate are inherently factual, no error found

: Post-decree custody change reversed for lack of best interest analysis

: Finding that had modification juris did not negate power to enforce its orders by contempt

: F. William Cullins is the new chief judge of 14th judicial district

My answer to: Can i file for a divorce in kansas if i was married in oklahoma?

: Subjective intent to remain in state is irrelevant under to determine whether child “lives” there

Fifth Circuit U.S. Court of Appeals will hear same-sex marriage cases from Louisiana, Texas, Mississippi this Friday

Tycoon’s ex rejects $975 million check — continues appeal

Wichita lawmaker Mark Hutton builds new lectern for House chamber

: Court of Appeals Docket for March 2015 published:

: Amy Harth becomes chief judge for 6th District ( ) succeeding Richard Smith

: Supreme Court will propose legislation removing limitation on e-filing funding to keep courts open

: No jurisdiction in for 6-wk old infant where mother filed 24-hrs after arriving from

: Fleeting presence of infant in state is not “living in” state for jurisdiction

: Chief Justice Nuss will give State of the Judiciary address on January 21 @ 12:30pm at the Supreme Court

After months of court battles and delays, today is wedding day for same-sex couples across Florida

Jeb Bush Urges ‘Respect’ for Court Decisions to Overturn Florida Ban on Same-Sex Marriage

As same-sex marriages begin in Florida, U.S. Supreme Court will is set to meet on issue

Updated Page: What happens in an initial consultation?

Children of single parents are far more likely to have witnessed domestic violence than children of married parents.

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Why I Stopped Psychological “Interpretations” with Clients