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In marriage case, Pltfs seeking class cert cite data showing at least 545 couples married in 3 wks

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: Involuntary payment of judgment appealed does not moot appeal by acquiescence #110714

: Party need not risk contempt to avoid accusations of acquiescence #110714

: Party does not acquiesce in judgment when compelled to comply by threat of contempt #110714

: A judgment dormancy statute is in the nature of a statute of limitations #110714

: enforceable arrearages may include attorneys fees, court-ordered child reimbursements #110714

: mandates using the longer of two states’ dormancy provisions #110714

: Kansas abolished the dormancy period for arrearages effective July 1, 2007 #110714

: mandates application of longer of involved states’ statute of limitations for arrearages #110714

: enforcement includes -related reimbursable expenses and fees #110714

: applies generally to interstate efforts to enforce support #110714

: 1 Published Kansas Appeals Decisions Issued Today (2015-April-10): #110714

Updated Page: Kansas Family Law Appeals 2015

Did you know is one of many Safe Havens for Newborns in ?

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: The original decree state is the sole determiner whether jurisdiction continues in that state

: had modification jurisdiction over abuse&neglect proceeding where deferred to

: Juvenile ct has power to order parents into reasonable parental rehabilitation program when appropriate

: Court may order custodial parent sign dependency exemption waiver when appropriate under circumstances

: A deviation from state guidelines without articulated justification is abuse of discretion

: Inadequate assistance of counsel cannot be used as basis to overturn child custody decision

: Inadequate assistance of counsel not a sufficient basis to grant new trial of divorce or property division

: Divorce Property Division revised where trial court double counted asset in judgment

: Judgment revised where trial court found husband committed over >$81K waste, but did not assess it

: Court order allowing child’s removal from state allowed where not against manifest weight of evidence

: Best interest determination “cannot be reduced to a simple bright-line test” but must be made case-by-case

: Bio-father’s motion to set aside adoption denied untimely and without basis since he was not legal parent

: “Necessary educational expenses” does not include restaurant meals, lodging or transportation

: Court erred in its college education order where it did not follow agreement limitations

: Court erred entering college education where statutory requirements not set out

: Trail court erred relying solely on submitted worksheet, rather than evidence presented

: Statement of fear without connection to defendants actions do not establish imminent danger from defendant

: Statement in Facebook post by defendant that “someone is watching you” does not establish cyberstalking

: Mere assertion that Facebook account was “hacked” does not establish the fact

: Facebook post neither threatening nor specifically directed at plaintiff did not establish “cyberstalking”

: Trial court erred granting summary judgment on property issues in divorce when material facts outstanding

: Trial court erred not granting absolute divorce on uncontested grounds stated in counterclaim

: Husband’s claim of non-parentage of child born during marriage time-barred by Illinois statute

: Order finding child born during marriage not husband’s reversed: child’s best interests not represented

: Although 50/50 parenting plans are viewed cautiously, they are appropriate if in child’s best interests

: Although court ordered equal parenting time is not mandated by statute, it is also not prohibited

New York judge decides wife can use to transmit divorce petition/summons to husband to give actual notice

How Jim Obergefell became the face of the Supreme Court same-sex marriage case

Two Amicus Briefs ask to look Abroad for Guidance on Same-Sex Marriage, but with Opposite Conclusions

DOJ Files Brief to Address Health Care for Prisoners Suffering from Gender Dysphoria

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MT : plan provides judiciary more funding, but only if rule against pending lawsuit

A Supreme Court ruling allowing same-sex marriage must not lead to a legislative backlash