Consultation/Legal Counseling

Over the years, we’ve found that the most important advice we give to our clients is what we say in our first meeting. That first meeting – and the advice we give during it – is often critical to how the problem is later handled. And it can make thousands-of-dollars difference in final litigation costs. Our first consultations are in-depth, substantive, and an attempt to give information that you can use even if you ultimately decide not to use our services.

To set up a consultation, contact our office to schedule an appointment – by telephone or email. We must have at least your name, the other involved parties’ names, and a brief outline of your situation so that we can be prepared as possible before your consultation begins.

Our preference is to meet in-person. This allows us to gather more information and present it to us as you like in addition to giving you a better sense of who we are and whether we are right for you. But we know that in-person meetings are not always possible.  For those times, we accommodate telephone, email, or video-conference meetings.  Please understand, however, that in almost all cases, it is necessary that we meet in person at some point during the course of your case so that we can properly represent you.

We personalize our services to meet your specific needs, so talk with us about how to structure ongoing legal counseling verses individual consultations. If you want continuing consultations without our ‘full-service’ representation, we offer ‘limited scope’ consultations at a ‘per event’ cost.