What is a divorce trial?

Every case, regardless of whether it is contested or uncontested will result in a “trial.” If you and your spouse agree on most or all of the aspects of the case, the trial may be very short. If your case is uncontested or agreed, the trial will consist of a short recital to the judge of the agreements you and your spouse have made and a brief statement of how you and your spouse are “incompatible.”

If you and your spouse do not agree on all aspects of the case, evidence and testimony will be presented to the judge assigned to your case and that judge will make a decision on how to resolve those disputed issues. There is no jury in a divorce case in Kansas. The length of time a trial in your case may take, if it is contested, depends very much on the nature of the issues in dispute between you and your spouse, the extent of property and debt, whether or not there are issues regarding children and other matters.