What are “court costs?”

“Court costs” are the fees the law requires to be paid to the court for the filing of a case in court.

As of July 1, 2011, the Kansas state courts require a filing fee of $179.50 for an initial action (divorce, annulment, separate maintenance and other initial actions) and $64 to file any motion to change legal custody, modify residential placement or parenting time, change child support, or revise any other existing final domestic relations judgment.

Kansas does not require any filing fee to register a foreign child custody order, residency or parenting time order, or a child support order. Kansas also does not require a filing fee for the filing of any new action requesting the court enter protection from abuse or stalking orders.

Other “court costs” may include process service fees, deposition expenses,  and other similar costs associated with proceeding through and finalizing a legal action.