Can I make the other person pay my attorneys fees?

If a trial is necessary, the Court may order either party to pay some (but usually not all) of the other party’s legal fees.  As our client, you are responsible for paying our agreed fees and we will give you full credit for any payments made by your spouse. The power to award attorneys’ fees is solely in the discretion of the court and the award of any attorneys’ fees cannot be relied upon with any certainty.

Regardless of any award of attorneys’ fees by the Court and regardless of any agreement between the parties regarding payment by an adverse party of any part or the whole of the attorneys’ fees incurred by you, you remain indebted and responsible to the firm for the full amount of Attorney’s fees and expenses incurred.

If a motion to enforce custody, residency, parenting time or visitation rights is filed under the Uniform Child Custody Jurisdiction and Enforcement Act and the court finds that the other party has interfered with those rights, the court is required to award attorneys fees and costs to the person filing the motion to enforce.