What is “Collaborative Law?”

Collaborative law is a new approach to resolving domestic relations cases in a non-confrontational manner without court intervention. It involves a series of meetings in which the parties and their attorneys work through the issues of the parties’ separation by exploring options that will benefit both parties and their children. These meetings seek to promote communication between the parties and assist the parties in resolving the issues of their separation without accusation or acrimony. The collaborative law process requires a full, free and open disclosure by all parties.

Collaborative law is practiced by lawyers who are specially trained and who devote their energies to accomplishing settlement of the issues without threatening litigation and in a way that affirms, rather than destroys the parties’ mutual goals. The lawyers are dedicated to settling the case and to avoid any court involvement. If the parties are unable to resolve the issues within the collaborative law framework, the lawyers are required to withdraw from representation and cannot assist the parties in litigation. By binding themselves to this principle, collaborative lawyers seek to achieve a “win-win” result.

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