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Kansas State Information

Kansas Supreme Court and Court of Appeals decisions on the Web by date of decision. The Kansas Appellate Courts issue their decisions in appeals every Friday.

The State of Kansas has various resources available on the World Wide Web with access to all Kansas government agencies and services.

  • The Kansas Legislature has a large amount of information available to the public via its web site, including current bills being considered, bills recently passed, and “enrolled” bills (bills that have been passed by the Legislature and signed into law by the Governor).
  • The Executive functions of the state are handled by the Kansas Governors Office
  • William J. Cutler’s History of Kansas, first published in 1883, was transcribed to hypertext markup language (html). This exhaustive essay on the history of Kansas includes descriptions of much of the early history of the state, including eye-witness accounts of most of the significant historical moments of “Bleeding Kansas” when the Civil War came to Kansas.
  • The Kansas Child Support Guidelines govern calculations of child support in Kansas and are available at the Kansas Supreme Court web site. These guidelines are revised every four years as required by federal law.
  • By federal and state law, all child and spousal support payments must be made through the Kansas Unified Payment Center.
  • The Kansas Department of Vital Statistics provides annual summaries of statistical data for Kansas on marriage, divorce and other information on the Kansas population.
Federal Law and Information

  • The United States Supreme Court makes its decisions available as soon as they are released through the Legal Information Institute (LII). Because these Supreme Court decisions determine the “law of the land,” this web resource provides ready access to the most recent pronouncements on that law.
  • Although the United States Supreme Court is the final court of review on issues of federal law, many decisions are made by the intermediate courts of review in the federal system, known as the United States Courts of Appeal. At present, there are 11 federal Courts of Appeal, each responsible for determining appeals from the United States District Courts within that particular region.
  • The United States Congress web site, “Thomas,” provides ready access to a full range of information on current and historical legislative information.
  • The United States Senate web site provides access to Senators websites and other valuable information.
  • The United States House of Representatives web site provides access to Members of Congress and other valuable information.
  • In addition to access to current and historical statutes and legislation from Congress, Cornell University School of Law presents a searchable version of the United States Code (the federal statutes).
  • The President is the head of the Executive Branch of the federal government with offices at the Whitehouse.
  • The Internal Revenue Service provides forms, information and other resources at its web site.
  • The United States Social Security Administration web site allows you to request various types of information about your own earnings and income history and information on amounts of social security income you would receive upon retirement or disability.
Legal Research and Resources

  • The Washburn University School of Law at WASHLAW is one of the best web sites related to legal research. Washburn presents multiple links to research tools, both for the attorney and for the layperson interested in the law, including listservs, discussion groups, and other links to statutory and case law.
  • The law libraries of the Washburn School of Law and the Kansas Supreme Court can be accessed via the Washburn Law Library On-Line Card Catalogue.
  • The Legal Information Institute at Cornell University School of Law maintains large amounts of specialized information on federal and state law.
  • Many state and federal legal research resources can be obtained through FindLaw.
Other States’ Information

  • Information on the law and court decisions of other states may be accessed through Washburn University Law School extensive listing of state resources.
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