89. Presenter – Divorce 101: Where is the Law in 2012? (Johnson County, Kansas Bar Association)(March 2012)

Seminar Brochure

Materials (includes Family Law Legislation Update for 2012 Legislative Session)

Powerpoint Presentation (see page bottom)

2012 Family Law Code Clean-up:

Download (PDF, 1.03MB)

2011 Family Law Code Reorganization:

2011 Family Law Code Bill 2011 SB 24

Judicial Council Testimony Explaining Proposed Kansas Family Law Recodification (2011)

Memorandum to Interested Parties from Kansas Revisor of Statutes, Re: 2011 Family Law Code, 2011 Senate Bill No. 24 (SB24)

2012 Kansas Legislative Changes:

Protection from Abuse and Protection from Stalking Lifetime Extension 2012 SB 2613 (Enrolled)

Grandparent custody in Child in Need of Care Proceedings 2012 SB 262 (Enrolled) 

“American Laws for Americans Act” 2012 SB 79 (Anti-Sharia Bill) (Enrolled)

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